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Scholarship for Nursing Students

The Metropolitan Detroit chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society offers an educational scholarship for nursing students. The student must be in their last year of the nursing curriculum and be nominated by a MDONS member.

The amount of the scholarship is $500 and must be used to cover the cost of books and college tuition. The winning candidate will have demonstrated an interest in oncology nursing. 

Eligibility Criteria

1) Nominees must be within one year of graduation from a nursing curriculum.
2) M
DONS member must nominate nominees.
Nominees must have a letter of recommendation from a nursing faculty member of the school they are attending.


A letter of support from the MDONS member and a nursing faculty member must accompany the application. Letters of support should include the following information:   


1. Describe the nominee's involvement with cancer patients and their families/friends if applicable.

2. Describe the nominee's interest in oncology nursing.

3. Comment on the nominee's clinical skills.

4. Comment on the nominee's interpersonal skills.

5. Describe the nominee's involvement in any pertinent school or volunteer activities.


The nominee must submit a short statement that describes their career goals and their interest/experience in oncology nursing. 

  Application deadline: November 1st. 


Past Recipients

2009 Mary Ward 

2008 Tanisha Crocker 

2006 Steve Nagenast 
        Kathryn Russel

2004 Kathleen Schram
        Nefertari Booth

First offered in 2003 

Send the completed applications for 2018 to:

Melissa James, BSN, RN, BMTCN at jamesm@karmanos.org

Please email us at:  http//:metroitdetroit.vc.ons.org to request any of the listed applications, for further information or to nominate one of your admired peers for any MDONS scholarship or award